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Is your home covered if there is a major flood?

While watching the news this morning I was blown away by the amount of damage the floods in South Carolina are causing. As I watched the footage showing so many underwater homes I started thinking to myself: “I wonder if anyone knows that their home insurance policy does not cover them in the event of a major flood – if something like this were to happen to them.”

Most people are very surprised by this. You may be thinking “Of course I’m covered if my home is destroyed by a flood.” Well unfortunately – unless you have a separate flood policy – you’re not covered.

Most home insurance policies do not have any coverage for damage caused by a flood. You need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to make sure you’re covered.

Though you aren't, in most cases, required to have flood insurance but you may want to consider it.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, moderate to low risk areas submit 20% of flood insurance claims and receive 1/3 of disaster assistance for flooding. 

If you’d like to look into a flood policy, I can help! At Queen City Risk Management, we want to make sure you’re properly covered and can help set you up with the appropriate policies to do so, including flood insurance. Connect with us today – we are here and happy to help! 

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The Value of an Independent Insurance Agent

7 benefits of purchasing insurance through your local insurance broker

When it comes to protecting your home and vehicles you need someone on your side. Someone who is out for your best interest, providing you the best service possible. That’s why at Queen City Risk Management we search the best deals for you from a number of different companies to assure we bring you the best deal, service and coverage possible on home and auto insurance.

As your local insurance broker, we work for you, searching the best options for your situation. We aren’t loyal to one insurance underwriter over another, our loyalty is with our customers. As we can serve and help you, we look for the underwriter that best meets your needs, not the other way around. To summarize why buying insurance from Queen City Risk Management (QCRM) is a good idea, here are seven reasons why to consider working with an independent Insurance Agent.

  1. Best prices for you. Insurance prices are always fluctuating. By periodically reviewing your coverages and prices we make sure your hard earned dollar is being spent in the best possible way. Why pay extra? QCRM will make sure you don’t.

  2. Loyal to the customer. As an independent broker, our interest is in protecting you the consumer. The Oxford Journal states, “Promoting competition is broadly accepted as the best available tool for promoting consumer well-being.” The more companies we have competing for your business the lower prices you will pay and the better coverage you get. Competition among insurance underwriters is a win for you. Our agency leverages this for your advantage.

  3. Local. Not only is doing business locally good for our Buffalo economy, it’s good for you. With your agent right in your town and not at a call center hundreds of miles away, there is a level of accountability and responsibility you get from doing business with a local agent. We work for you. We know your experience can make or break us so we work hard to provide you the best service possible. We also believe our service to you is the best way to gain new business because you’ll tell your friends. You are our marketing team and if we treat you right, we know it comes back. We don’t spend millions of dollars on commercials, billboards and radio. We spend our resources helping you.

  4. Caring about our community. Every quote and policy we set up benefits our community because we donate to local charities. It’s not a public relations stunt or a way to blow our own horn. It’s part of who we are as a company. We know that a rising tide can lift all ships and we’re committed to making our city and region a better place to live and work. You can be confident our profits aren’t underwriting a 7 or 8 figure salary. We’re investing back into our own city.

  5. Experience. Our team has the experience and industry know how to get things done. A call center agent may have one to two months on the job and not understand the way the insurance business really works. Our team knows the business and our commitment is to do our very best for you.

  6. Ease of use. We know you’re incredibly busy. While some companies make shopping for insurance a drawn out process, we’re happy to stay ahead of the curve in offering you online quoting and processes for making your insurance experience the best it can be. Our online quoting tool takes 5-10 minutes of your time and our personal service will make all the difference in shopping, saving and purchasing home and automotive insurance.

  7. Referral Program. Our industry leading referral program gives you rewards for every friend you refer to us. How about earning a Tim Horton’s or Starbucks gift card just for referring a friend to get a quote from us? That’ right. We aren’t spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television commercials. Our marketing is word-of-mouth from friends like you. And as a way of saying thank you for letting your friends and family know how they can save time, money and get the best coverage possible, we reward you. Plus, we have a monthly drawing for dinner at local restaurants and a yearly drawing for a $500 Visa. And this just for helping your friends and family save time and money.  

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing insurance. We also know it’s not the most exciting thing to talk about. That’s why you can email us or set up an appointment at a convenient time for you. Help us help you get the service and care you deserve from Your Local Insurance Broker, Queen City Risk Management.

Get a Quote, Make a Difference

Queen City Risk Management is your local insurance broker saving you time, money and supporting good causes in our community.

As your local insurance broker we protect what matters most and make a difference in our community. It’s part of who we are as a company and this month (September, 2015), just for requesting a quote on home or auto insurance we’re donating $10 to the Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission whether you end up buying the policy or not. So why work with us? Here’s a few of the reasons.

  1. We care about our community. Our team was born and raised in Buffalo and we know it’s our responsibility to give back and care for those less fortunate in our community. A rising tide really can lift all ships. For our community to truly thrive, we need to also look out for the afflicted and seeking. By partnering with the Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission (NGRM), we are doing just that.  In case you didn’t know, the NGRM is a homeless shelter in Niagara Falls, NY caring for those who have fallen on hard times. With $10 we are providing food, shelter and spiritual care for the poor of our community.

  2. We shop the best rates for you and provide professional insurance advice. As your local insurance broker, we are on your side, shopping the best rates from at least 4 (usually 7) different companies to get you the best premiums and most secure coverage.

  3. We’re happy to save you time and money. Our quoting process is fast, reliable and secure. You can do it all online through our website or set up a call with our owner, Jason Pappas. No more waiting on hold or talking to three different people every time you need something. We are about saving you time and money - that’s why you can schedule a call or go ahead and get a quote right now.

  4. We put people first. We are a locally owned and operated company that is about serving real needs in our community - both through insurance and giving back. We’re not fueling corporate profit margins or feeling the pressure of Wall Street. Queen City Risk Management is and always will be about taking care of the needs of real people in our community. Since insurance in most cases is required by law, you might as well buy it from someone who cares and make a difference while you are at it.

We know insurance may not be the most exciting thing to talk about. But saving time, money and making a difference in our community is. We can help get you started protecting what matters most - your family, children and legacy - today. Start right here.