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Trusted Local Partner: Harbortown Financial

I continually have the opportunity to meet and interact with many different professionals in the financial advisory business. There is certainly no shortage of financial professionals out there but the tough part is finding one you can trust. As part of the QCRM family I want to provide you with an honest and knowledgeable resource – someone who I personally trust and am excited to introduce you to.

John MacDonald and the team at Harbortown Financial Group are people who genuinely care about serving their clients. They are happy to discuss anything with you – from simply starting a small retirement account to helping build a more complex financial plan.

Another perk: they are full-service financial advisors which means that they assist you with anything from protection products (life, disability, long-term care insurance) to investment products (IRA’s, Mutual Funds,  etc.). I also love that – just like QCRM– they are a team of independent advisors with access to several different companies. That means they can put you in products that are best for you and your family.

The team at Harbortown Financial has a desire to teach and support people in their finances. You can only benefit from having a conversation with these guys.

I have had the opportunity to get to know one of the firms owners, John MacDonald, pretty well. John is very involved with a local church in Buffalo, NY and spends a good deal of time giving back to the WNY community. He leverages his passion and gifting for finances to serve those around him. Most recently he spent a day a week at Lockport schools teaching a class about financial management to high school students. John is a hard worker, and knowledgeable and diligent in all he does.

As a QCRM member you now have direct access to this co-owner of the firm. And I’m confident you will love him! If you want to talk to someone about bringing order to your financial life, need investment advice, or have been thinking about obtaining life insurance, give John a call. His contact info is below and he would love to talk with you.


John MacDonald