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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance

There are a few really easy ways to save yourself a few bucks on auto insurance. As a local insurance brokerage one of our goals is to save people money. So here are some quick and easy ways to start saving money!

Defensive Driving Course

This is that thing that everyone knows they should be doing but just haven't gotten around to yet. Who wants to spend there Saturday morning in a smelly high school classroom with a whole bunch of other people who wished they were somewhere else? Well these is good news for you if you like saving money but aren't into wasting away your Saturday morning! You can take the Defensive driving coarse online now! If you use that link the course is only $25 and can save you up to 10% off your auto insurance every year for 3 years! For some of us that is a lot of money and well worth the couple hours it takes to take the coarse. My fellow multi-taskers will love the online coarse. While I renew my class credit since it's been about 3 years since I took the coarse I also plan to get some important things done, like working my way through season 4 of Walking Dead. 

Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles

Collision coverage comes into play primarily when you collide with something and it is your fault. There are a few other instances when it can be utilized but for times sake we won't expand on it today. These are normally at fault accidents and if you've ever had one you know that it can cause increases in premiums for years to come (normally 3-5 years). This is the more expensive coverage between the two and it can be an easy money saver to increase your deductible to $1000. The only caveat I will throw in is that whatever amount you choose for your deductible make sure you have access to that amount of money.  Check with your insurance broker to see how much you could save by increasing this deductible.

Comprehensive coverage covers you for things primarily outside of your control. Things like theft, vandalism, acts of God, or hitting an animal (Fun insurance factoid: the animal must be alive when you hit it. It's O.K. if it dies after you hit it but if it's already dead then the accident can fall under your collision coverage). When one of these claims pops up they are generally not your fault. This is the cheaper of the two coverages and I normally advise folks to lower the deductible on this one down. For good drivers these claims tend to happen a bit more often than collision claims and the change in price to lower the deductible is minimal. 

Continually Shop out your Insurance

Most financial gurus mention this as an easy way to save money on your car insurance. You will most likely notice a very small increase each time you get your insurance renewal. Most insurance companies know that once you become a customer a small premium increase in not going to cause you to leave them. This is especially true if you have multiple products with them. It's not worth the hassle of going out and shopping around for new insurance, right? No it is totally worth it to continually shopping for new insurance! Some companies are focused on growth in certain zip codes and demographics at different times which causes them to offer lower rates to these targeted zip codes and demographics for a period of time to grow that portion of their book of business. You might be surprised how much you will save by doing this. Keep these companies honest and don't let them squeeze any more money out of you than they already are! I do it once per year for myself and any of my clients but I would recommend anyone shop for new insurance once every 3 years at a minimum.  

The problem with this is that shopping for insurance through multiple companies takes way to much time. At Queen City Risk Management we have an easy way to shop for insurance online by only entering in your information once. Once you enter in your information we do your insurance shopping for you and get you quotes from multiple companies. The best part of working with a local broker is that we work for you but the insurance companies are the ones who pay us. So you pay nothing extra to work with someone who can constantly shop out your insurance for you. As a Queen City Risk Management customer we will shop out your insurance once per year to ensure that every time you look at your renewal paperwork you will know that you are getting a competitive rate and you do not have to worry about wasting your time shopping for insurance.

I hope the information here has been helpful to you and that you can start using these methods to save money on your insurance right away! If you are interested in working with Queen City Risk Management as your insurance broker you can begin a quote online or schedule a call with us to review your current insurance and see if we can save you some money.