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QCRM Blog Expectations

I'm sure as you see this blog post you're thinking "O great an insurance blog. This is going to be so riveting". Well if that's what you're thinking your are so right! I know someone talking about Auto, Home or Renters insurance sounds super exciting! Well maybe just for nerds like me.

I know a blog about insurance can seem super boring. So I just wanted to take a minute to discuss a bit of what you can expect from us in this blog. Our goal is to create quick blog posts that impart helpful insurance information and tell you about a bit of our journey in starting a new business. We really want to give you content that will be helpful to you whether or not Queen City Risk Management is your insurance broker

Blog Topics

  • Insurance Info 

You can expect to find some interesting insurance knowledge you may not have known in the past in a format that is quick to read and easily understood.

This section will be partially driven by your questions. If you have things you want to know about insurance you can always email me or just comment on this post and I will use the blog to address your insurance questions. 

  • Queen City Risk Management New

We will Share any exciting news about the brokerage in this section.  This may look like any changes to the company or just info about the company itself.

  • Start-up Journey

This is the fun stuff. Jess will be the primary author on this one and I'm sure you will find her writing both intriguing and professional. We will use these posts to begin sharing our story and experience in starting up a new business; from when we first thought a bit about it to when the "doors opened" to where things are currently. It has been a fun journey and not without some highs and lows. All of which we are looking forward to sharing with you.

Who We Are


Jessica is Christ follower, a wife,  and a new mom. She enjoys running, being active, baking, traveling, experiencing different cultures, hiking, coffee, and meeting new people. In addition to working at a local church she helps with marketing and accounting and pretty much anything awesome at QCRM.

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Jason is also a Christ follower, a husband, and a new Dad. He enjoys traveling, experiencing new culture, music, theater, food, money nerd stuff, and spending time with friends and family.  Jason is the day to day insurance professional for QCRM.

You can generally expect at least one new post from us each month but we will do our best to put out as much content as we can for you. Thanks a ton for your time :)

We are writing this to add value to you and bring you into our start-up journey a bit. We can also help you shop for insurance. Click here If you are interested in working with us for your auto, home, or renters insurance. If you would like to have someone review your current insurance you can always email me at Jason@QueenCityRM.com or set up a phone call to chat sometime.