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Buffalo, New York Business Spotlight: Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company

I was introduced to Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company by an insurance agent who suggested them for two reasons: the first reason being Wayne Cooperative Insurance is one of his favorite companies to work with, and the second reason being they only work with a handful of other agents in the western New York/Buffalo area.  

Since then, I have formed a great partnership with Wayne Cooperative Insurance and have been nothing but happy with our working relationship. I’m excited to share their story this month as my business highlight!

Meet Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company

One thing I especially love about Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company is that no client, large or small, ever feels like a “number.” Even though they work with over 150 other agencies in New York, they work to develop personable and productive relationships with each client.

As the owner of Queen City Risk Management, I work one-on-one with the Wayne Cooperative team  and they truly have a passion for adding value to everything they are a part of, both in and out of the office.

Keeping claims personal

One of the many aspects that sets Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company apart from other insurance providers in western New York is their claims service.

“We have four full-time people in our claims department and we attempt to handle all claims in house, rather than hiring independent adjusters,” Laura Harris, Agency Marketing & Sr Underwriter, shared. “On at least 85 percent of our claims, our insureds are dealing first hand with Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company adjusters. If you call to report a claim, you will talk to one of our guys; it won’t be a random reporting service.”

Why Buffalo?

Not only do we love working with them, but they love working with us. Laura shared she really enjoys working with the insurance agents in Buffalo, New York, because of the overall friendliness of the community. “The thing I like about doing business in Buffalo is the great community of agents. Everybody is friendly, it’s fair competition and people aren’t bad mouthing each other or trying to steal business.”

To provide an example of this special agent camaraderie, Laura suggested to check out Buffalo I-Day which occurs every year at the Buffalo Niagra Convention Center. This is a day where insurance agents, vendors and insurance companies come together for a day of learning new things and having a great time together.

Meeting the needs of agents and the community

Wayne Cooperative Insurance works hard to meet the needs of all the insurance agents they work with, all while giving back to the community. They’ve participated in the Tour de Teddy and often sponsor local ARC golf tournaments, rotary clubs, as well as make donations to the victims resource center.

This year they volunteered with the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, which organizes a week of giving in which insurance agents go out and volunteer in a community of their choice.

Building an insurance community in Buffalo

I’m happy to share the partnership I have with Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company because not only do they provide great insurance products, but they have great customer service and they give back to the local communities they serve, like Buffalo.

Companies like Wayne Cooperative Insurance make it possible for all of us here at Queen City Risk Management to know without-a-doubt that we are providing the best insurance programs for homeowners and business owners in Buffalo.