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What You Aren't Covered For and How to Fix That

When you buy home or auto insurance you assume that you are covered for pretty much anything that comes up, right? Nope.

Here are a few things you may be surprised to find out that you're not covered for within your home or auto policies.

Home Businesses

While a bit of your business equipment may be covered, none of the business liability is covered in most cases. Think of something along the lines of a photographer who is doing a photo shoot for a baby and invites the family into his home studio for the pics. The clumsy Dad trips on a cord, breaks his arm, and guess who gets sued? 

There are plenty of examples of this sort of thing. If you work at home or have some pricey equipment make sure you have business insurance. QCRM can help, just schedule a call.

Extensive Personal Liability

You see this all the time. Someone gets hurt in a car (you're probably already finishing an attorney's tagline) and they sue. Who do they sue? The person who hit them. And your insurance company will cover you for whatever you're sued for, right? Nope. Policies have limits and most of our limits don't look anything like the numbers that scroll along the bottom of your T.V. screen during a lawyers personal injury commercial.

How about your kid who plays baseball? Maybe he's warming up and a friend is coming over to say hey and he accidentally hits his friend in the eye with the bat. That kid's parents could sue you and in the lawsuit-happy world we live in today it would not surprise me.  

Get an umbrella policy. This is something I recommend to most people. Make sure you're protected. We normally add this to any package policy quote and I've seen rates as low as $125 per year for a $1,000,000 policy. 

Floods and Earthquakes

Yup. Who knew? Some insurance nerds maybe, but not your average Joe. 

I get it. We live in the Northeast. We don't have earthquakes. You're right, maybe it doesn't matter. But hey, at least you can use this fun fact (that your homeowners coverage doesn't typically include earthquake coverage) at your next cocktail party on the west coast.

OK this next one matters. I promise. Kinda. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, moderate to low risk areas submit 20% of flood insurance claims. If you've ever had significant water damage you know that it can be an expensive mess to clean up.  You aren't, in most cases, required to have flood insurance but you may want to consider it.

One water related claim that pops up a bunch is water or sewer backups. Water backup coverage can be added to your homeowners policy. I add it to most policies I write in the WNY area. Don't let a sump pump failure cost you tons of money. Make sure you're covered.

If you want to know whether or not you have coverage for this, it would be listed on your homeowners policy declarations page. If you want a professional to look over your policy schedule a time for me to review your policy.


OK this one is just another free insurance factoid of the day for you. War is pretty much never covered on any personal policy and there's not an insurance solution to that. 

Solution? Make sure you are working with an insurance professional

If you would like a complimentary review of your insurance by a local professional let's schedule a call. To begin getting quotes from us click here. We will review your information and get to know you to ensure you are adequately protected and are utilizing the right insurance company.